TESLA Multifeed Quad LNB converter with LTE filter

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Vendor : Tesla

Product Type : Satellite LNB


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TESLA Multifeed Quad LNB converter with LTE filter

Tesla universal quad satellite converter with narrow neck. High gain, low noise figure, built-in LTE filter that suppresses interference on the output frequency.

LNB converter for systems that use multiple LNBs on a satellite antenna called multiconnect / multifeed installation. It has an LTE filter, narrow neck, while maintaining maximum signal transmission. UHD / 4K Ready support.


Main advantages


• LTE filter.
• Narrow head.
• Connector cover included.
• UV resistant design.


The LNB is designed for reception from one satellite, it has an output for four satellite receivers. Suitable for simple installations and turning devices.


Technical parameters

• Number of outputs: 4
• Input frequency: 10.70 ~ 12.75 GHz
• Output frequency: 950 ~ 2150 MHz
• Noise figure: 0.8 dB
• Output power: 60 - 76 dB
• Mounting diameter: 40 mm
• Output connector : F connector - female