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Classic Czech stations

Czech public service television with a family-oriented program scheme. The station broadcasts Czech and foreign films and series.30 days retroactively
Public service television focused on culture, education, documentaries and original programs.30 days retroactively
Nova Nova  HD
The most watched television stations in the Czech Republic. Searched mainly for successful series and the most watched television newspaper.7 days back
Prima Prima  HD
Prima regularly deploys its own works. Currently, the most sought after lifestyle magazines and reality shows.7 days back
Nova Cinema Nova Cinema  HD
Nova Cinema is focused on foreign production of films, series and reality shows. Every day has its genre in which it broadcasts themed films.7 days back
Nova 2 Nova 2  HD
Television of the NOVA group, which focuses its program exclusively on programs, series or films of the comedy genre.7 days back
Nova Action Nova Action  HD
Nova Action is mainly aimed at male audiences broadcasting action, criminal or sci-fi movies, series and sports.7 days back
Nova Gold Nova Gold  HD
The program contains a complete archive of the station Nova. The station repeats series such as Street, Surgery in the Rose Garden and so on.7 days back
Prima Cool Prima Cool  HD
Cool is mainly focused on fun, action and joke. You will find worldwide legendary programs such as Futurama and Griffin.7 days back
Prima LOVE Prima LOVE  HD
Prima LOVE consists mainly of American series. You will also find romantic movies and reality shows.7 days back
Prima Comedy Central Prima Comedy Central  HD
The television program focuses mainly on comedy series such as The Griffin, The South Park Town, The Average Man and more.7 days back
Prima MAX Prima MAX  HD
Prima MAX TV program focused mainly on foreign production. The evenings are thematically divided into Relax Mondays, Action Tuesdays, Wednesdays for Demanding, Czech Thursdays, Fridays with Classics and Weekend Mixes.7 days back
Prima Crime Prima Crime  HD
A television station dedicated to crime, foreign films and series.(Midsomer Murders, Castle to Kill, Bone Collectors, Maritime Investigation Service LA ..). The station will broadcast from 2.4.7 days back
Barrandov Barrandov  HD
The composition of this television station consists of entertaining programs such as Meet Me On Cibulka, Kurňa, what it is or soap operas The Magnificent Century and others.30 days retroactively
Kino Barrandov Kino Barrandov  HD
The program consists of premieres and reprises of mostly films and series, especially from abroad.30 days retroactively
Barrandov Crime Barrandov Crime HD
Barrandov Krimi broadcasts children's programs and films throughout the day and focuses on documentary films in the evening.30 days retroactively
Barrandov News Barrandov News 
The new Barrandov News station is a family channel, which consists mainly of the Barrandov Group's own production, complemented by a number of major suppliers.30 days retroactively
ČT art ČT art  HD
Television for culture lovers and watch concerts, theater performances and art films.30 days retroactively
Hobby TV Hobby TV 
A new lifestyle TV channel focused on hobby, architecture, interior design and garden, but fans who like watching animal, cooking, fashion, culture, music, travel and many other interesting topics will come into their own.7 days back
Mňam TV Mňam TV 
Station focused on cooking and healthy lifestyle. Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay's cooking shows can be enjoyed.30 days retroactively
Seznam.cz TV Seznam.cz TV  HD
Original shows Seznam.cz and Stream. The station broadcasts events from home and abroad, journalism, documents and entertainment programs.30 days retroactively
RELAX TV broadcasts entertaining shows and documentaries. He has several lifestyle and music shows and music videos.7 days back
TV Natura TV Natura  HD
Stations about life, the meaning of life, people, nature and how to live life more valuable.7 days back
Noah Noah  HD
The only Czech television focused mostly on Christian viewers. It also broadcasts educational programs in the field of history and natural sciences.7 days back

Film stations

JOJ Cinema JOJ Cinema  HD
For all the best movie enthusiasts, JOJ Cinema is here. Non-stop blockbusters in Czech and no ads.7 days back
Filmbox Premium Filmbox Premium  HD
Premium TV station. Hollywood blockbusters with the most popular stars shortly after the premiere in cinemas. For lovers of premieres of many genres: action, fantasy, drama, historical to biographical.7 days back
Filmbox Filmbox  HD
Hundreds of film premieres a year and proven classics. From big action movies to independent European films.7 days back
Filmbox Plus Filmbox Plus 
An endless supply of carefully selected dramas, crimes, thrillers, but also comedies, family films, romances and TV series.7 days back
Horror film aimed at a viewer who is not afraid of anything. It starts broadcasting from midnight mostly until six o'clock in the morning.7 days back
CS Film CS Film 

The station is focused on Czech and Slovak filmmaking, especially films for witnesses.7 days back

Children's station

Broadcasts intended for children aged 4-15. For example, you can look forward to the Magic Preschool, Studio Friends, Reports and Exercises.30 days retroactively
Nickelodeon Nickelodeon 
The best children's TV station. Small audiences can look forward to Spongebob, Magic Godson, Flap Patrol and many more.7 days back
CS Mini CS Mini 
Television for the youngest viewers, the aim is not only to entertain children well, but to teach them to get to know the outside world and raise them in a non-violent way.7 days back
Meow TV Meow TV 
Television stations bringing pet shows. Funny videos with animals.30 days retroactively
Top Kids Top Kids  HD
Thematic TV channel in English, addressed to children and adolescents. In addition to the classic animated series, it also broadcasts fairy tales or music videos.30 days retroactively

Sports station

Sport 5 Sport 5 
The station is focused on motoring and motor sports. Broadcasting scheme is complemented by thematic magazines.30 days retroactively
Nova Sport Nova Sport  HD
Nova Sport 1 are the most interesting sports matches and current sports events in one place. You will see matches from NHL, NBA, Tennis or Fighting.7 days back
Nova Sport 2 Nova Sport 2  HD
Nova sport 2 is a station for all sports enthusiasts interested in: tennis, NBA basketball, world rugby, darts, NHL hockey, the European Football League and other attractive sports.7 days back
ČT4 Sport ČT4 Sport  HD
The most important sporting events that are most watched in the Czech Republic.30 days retroactively
Red Bull TV Red Bull TV  HD
The best extreme sports (snowboarding, surfing, motocross, enduro, BMX, climbing, diving, etc.), great concerts and inspirational life style shows. Station for real guys in English.7 days back
FightBox FightBox  HD
A station full of exciting fights from around the world. Live streams and recordings of the best HD battles. You can look forward to interesting MMA matches, boxing, armwrestling, sum and more.7 days back

Slovak stations

STV 1 offers many entertainment and news channels. For example, women's club, Reporters, Stylish, etc.30 days retroactively
Television full of documentaries, entertainment and news, both domestic and foreign.30 days retroactively
JOJ Family JOJ Family  HD
Reproductions of Slovak films and series and the most popular foreign series such as CSI: Miami, Dexter, Fear Factor and more.7 days back
Markíza International Markíza International  HD
Markíza International brings viewers in the Czech Republic the best from its own production of the strongest television group in Slovakia.7 days back
LifeTV LifeTV  HD
Life TV brings value-oriented programs that can push viewers to a better quality of life through faith.7 days back
Lux Lux 
Slovak Catholic Television, which focuses primarily on spiritual and human values. It offers prayers, holy masses, as well as news from the Christian world.7 days back
A station focused on programs about divination, esotericism, human health or music. The viewer can participate in the broadcast by phone call or SMS.30 days retroactively

Documentary station

Prima ZOOM Prima ZOOM  HD
Aimed at viewers who want to know more and get to know the world from close. Focused on the Greatest Disasters, In the Footsteps of History and many more.7 days back
KinoWorld KinoWorld 
A documentary television station that broadcasts a world of mysteries and paranormal phenomena. It also maps the world of wars, but also of conspiracies, space and history.7 days back
The station broadcasts a large number of educational programs. There are documents, interviews with astronauts, press conferences, but above all launches of spacecraft or ISS vessels, ship maneuvers around the station and all live!7 days back
UP the first television focused on aviation. Everything you've ever wanted to know about aviation in one place. Documents, news, true breathtaking stories, and air disasters.30 days retroactively
Adventure TV Adventure TV  HD
A documentary station with inspiring shows that allow viewers to get around the world from the comfort of their homes. Experiences that inspire an adventurer in us all.30 days retroactively

News Stations

Czech public service television with a family-oriented program scheme. The station broadcasts Czech and foreign films and series.Regional programs and news for the North Moravian Region.30 days retroactively
Czech public service television with a family-oriented program scheme. The station broadcasts Czech and foreign films and series.Regional programs and news for the South Moravian Region.30 days retroactively
ČT24 ČT24  HD
News channel focused on news, events and weather. It offers you all day news blocks and current topics that move the world!30 days retroactively
Regional news television from the Eagle Mountains and its surroundings3 days back
Metropolitan television. Your continuous stream of information from and around Prague.7 days back
regionalnitelevize.cz regionalnitelevize.cz
A television station bringing up-to-date news coverage from all municipalities, towns and regions in the Czech Republic. Informs viewers about social, economic, cultural or sporting events.7 days back
Moravian-Silesian Regional Television - a continuous flow of information, news and entertainment.7 days back
Zpravodajská televize. Currently from home, world and sport. You always have something to look forward to.7 days back
V1 V1 
V1 is a regional television station. It broadcasts a continuous flow of news and information from the Hradec Králové and Pardubice regions.3 days back

Station for adults

Leo Leo  HD
The first and only Czech-Slovak erotic television with programs from its own production, world films and broadcast guides. Unhindered and fully.14 days back
Leo TV Gold Leo TV Gold  HD
The best domestic, European and world shows, scenes and movies from Leo TV.14 days back
Eroxxx HD Eroxxx HD  HD
Best erotic movies and videos. Designed for viewers over 18 years of age. Broadcasts 24 hours a day.7 days back
Extasy Extasy  HD
Exclusive erotic movies from around the world. A varied range of entertainment for 18+ audiences.7 days back

Music station

Óčko Óčko 
Music videos - during the day current domestic and foreign popular music, evening older songs.7 days back
Óčko Expres Óčko Expres 
Focused on modern music. The best of contemporary music from guitar to smart electro-pop to drum'n'bass.3 days back
Power TV Power TV  HD
The modern music station plays only the biggest hits of pop, dance and the hottest news.7 days back
Óčko Star Óčko Star 
Greatest hits from 60s to 90s. You can also see newer songs or a number of other music-related shows.1 day back
Retro Music Retro Music 
Television more for viewers from the age of 35, focusing on hits from the 1960s to 1990s.7 days back
Decent Channel TV Decent Channel TV 
Progressive rock television. It allows viewers to discover new music.We do not play for the big bitches.3 days back
Šlágr TV Šlágr TV 
Czechoslovak folk television with a diverse program, where mainly brass bands play.7 days back
Šlágr 2 Šlágr 2 
Czechoslovak music television, which brings mostly folk songs and brass band.7 days back

Foreign stations

BBC World News BBC World News  HD
An international news and current affairs channel, it offers many documentaries and lifestyle programs.3 days back
CNBC Europe CNBC Europe 
English news television channel broadcasting commercial and financial programs.3 days back
Bloomberg Bloomberg 
It is an English-language news television channel focused on business programs.3 days back
A German television station that offers television shows, series, films, quizzes and sports broadcasts.3 days back
German television station that brings viewers entertaining shows, series and serials from its own production.3 days back
Super RTL Super RTL 
German television station focused primarily on children.3 days back
German television station broadcasting magazines, series and entertainment shows. In addition, it broadcasts a number of foreign, mainly American programs and series.3 days back
A public service broadcaster broadcast in German. It offers documentary, cultural and music programs.3 days back
German public television broadcasts news, documentaries, sports, culture and many more.3 days back
German public television - broadcasts mainly news, serials and foreign programs on a daily basis.7 days back
A German station that broadcasts art and culture shows. It focuses on thematic evenings full of interviews, films and reports.7 days back
Kika Kika 
German children's television station.3 days back
France24 France24 
The most watched French television brings many documentaries, news and current information both domestic and from the world.3 days back
TV5monde TV5monde 
French television station that broadcasts news, documentaries, sports, culture and many other programs.3 days back
Dune Dune 
Duna TV is a Hungarian public broadcaster.7 days back
Duna World Duna World 
Duna World is a Hungarian television station. The viewer will see talk shows and documentaries.7 days back
M1 M1 
M1 is a Hungarian news television channel. Broadcasts the latest news and updates at 24-hour intervals.7 days back
M2 M2 
M2 is a Hungarian television station. It offers children's programs during the day and broadcasts music programs during the night.7 days back

Polish stations

TVP Info TVP Info  HD
Polish news station broadcasting news, current affairs programs, magazines and documents.7 days back
Poland's most popular television broadcasting films, news, documentaries and series both domestic and foreign.7 days back
His program includes a variety of shows, but is mainly focused on entertainment: stand-up comedy, comedy show, cabaret and thematic talk show.7 days back
Polsat Polsat 
The Polish TV channel broadcasts films, news, sports channels, documentaries and foreign series.7 days back
Exclusive information and videos from the world of stars and many fun shows, news and documentaries.7 days back
TV Puls TV Puls 
Polish station full of fun, movies and series for the whole family.7 days back
TV6 TV6 
Polish television station broadcasting serials, documentaries, news and many more.7 days back
TV4 TV4 
Polish television broadcasting many series, both new and older.7 days back
Pulse 2 Pulse 2 
Polish station focused on children, entertainment and educational programs.7 days back
TVP Sport TVP Sport 
TVP Sport will delight all sports fans. You will see matches from NHL, Boxing, Tennis and Football7 days back




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