Openbox USB Tuner DVB-T2/C Stick for Formuler, Openbox

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Vendor : Openbox

Product Type : Wifi Dongle

Sku : usb dvb-t

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  • Android OS support for Formuler or Openbox satellite receivers
  • Aerial input: 75 Ohm;
  • range of received frequencies: 48.25 - 863.25 MHz;
  • Full compatibility with DVB-T2: EN302 755;
  • full compatibility with DVB-T and DVB-C;
  • Bandwidth: 1.7 / 5/6/7/8/10/10 MHz;
  • OFDM modes: from 1K to 32K;
  • PID filtering: up to 32 PID;
  • demodulator: Silicon Labs Si2168;
  • Video formats: MPEG2 MP and ML / H.264, SD and HD;
  • Audio formats: MPEG2 Audio Layer I & II / AAC.

WARNING! For proper functioning, the USB-T2 device must be connected to a device that is completely disconnected. If you connect a USB-T2 to a device that is in the USB-T2 standby mode, it is not detected and the device will not work.