LNB AB Monoblock Quad 4,3° 0,1dB ASTRA 19,2+23,5 or 23,5+28,2 SKYLINK

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Vendor : AB Com

Product Type : Satellite LNB


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LNB AB monoblock quad converter is designed to receive from two satellites - ASTRA 19.2E and ASTRA 23.5E or ASTRA 23.5E and ASTRA 28.2E - with output for connecting 4 satellite receivers. With high profit, low consumption and quality, it is comparable to the best brands. 
It supports HD and UHD transmissions, delivers outstanding RF performance, very low power consumption.
Designed to the highest quality standards in the industry and designed to meet strict specifications, this LNB is the ideal solution for receiving satellite broadcasts worldwide and worldwide.

  • 2 satellite reception - ASTRA 19.2 E and ASTRA 23.5 E or ASTRA 23.5E and ASTRA 28.2E
  • Output for 4 receivers 
  • Support for 3D, HD, UHD, 4K 
  • Waterproof housing 
  • Low power consumption 
  • High frequency stability 
  • Low noise number



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Input Frequency (GHz) Low Band:10.7~11.7
High Band:11.7~12.75
Output Frequency (MHz) Low Band:950~1950
High Band:1100~2150
Output VSWR 2.5:1(Max.)
Output impedance (Ω) 75
Output Connector F Type Female 4x
Local Oscillator Frequency (GHz) 9.75 / 10.60
L.O. Stability ±1MHz@25°C
±2MHz@(-40°C to +60°C)
Phase Noise (offset) -50dBc/Hz@1KHz
Conversion Gain (dB) 55 (Typ.)
Gain Flatness ±3[±0.5dB/27MHz] (Typ.)
P 1dB Gain Compression (dBm) 5 (Typ.)
Noise Figure (dB) 0.1 (Typ.)
Cross Pol. Isolation (dB) 25(Typ.)
Image Rejection (dB) 45 (Typ.)
Band Select Control (KHz) High Band:22±4
Low Band:0
Polarity Select Control V:11.5~14V DC
H:16~19V DC
Input Selection (Satellite) Tone Burst/ DiSEqC 2.0
Feeds Diameter (mm) 23/40/Universal Holder
Distance Between Feeds 54.61mm (seen from the antenna)
Work Current (mA) 150 (Min.)